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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Artist Reception Pictures

Hello All,

Last night was a huge success!  We had a wonderful turn out. The weather was perfect, the crowd was engaging, and many of my paintings went to new homes!

Please enjoy the following pictures from my show.

You may be wondering...What is next with my  house project?

I do have more in mind!

Here is a list running through my head...

Larger paintings
A possible book of, "A Painted House A Day"
and more...

What are you interested in seeing?

Please keep checking back on my BLOG to see my art updates.

Events to put on your calendar...

Salado Art and Rouge Festival

March 28 to March 29

I will be showing my paintings at this festival, in the Salado Winery Gallery Room.

Enjoying the sunny day, before the big night!

Not sure how google plus did this to the pic,,,but pretty cool!

It is so much fun to help clients pick out a painting.

Fellow Army wives...Always so supportive!

Thank you to ALL of those who came out to support me! It means so much. And of course to those of you couldn't be there, I know you were thinking of me from a far.

Thank you for all the sales...I love to see my art going to new homes!


"After the Show"
My Girls...
We were so tired...But what a great night it was!

(c) 2015 Christy Tremblay ALL Rights Reserved

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

House #177 - Our House 4 (Thunderstorm Drive)

A Painted House A Day
House #177
Our House 4
Location: El Paso, TX
House on Thunderstorm Drive
El Paso Star sits on Franklin Mountains
Clay earth house on Thunderstorm Drive - Swamp cooler No good for El Paso sun.
Hummingbirds abound - fly to cactus flower - stick bugs delight daughters, scorpions, and black widow - watch out!
New friends on Starry Night Drive - playmates for daughters - artist friend - soul sisters... share backyard pool - fun parties - blender salsa - back yard summer art camps - tie dye in buckets of colored water.

A Painted House A Day
House # 4
Thunderstorm Drive - El Paso, TX.
Christy Tremblay

Thought you might like to see my wonderful mess! 
This is my studio table, where I paint all of my houses and other works.
Thanks for stopping by!  Check back tomorrow for House #178 - Our House 5.

Do you see a painted house that you love...that would be a wonderful addition to your home décor or as a gift to someone special? 
Send me a message to reserve it. I will let you know if it is still available, some have found new homes. 

Each house is an original! 
You can pre order your house and I will mail it to you after my art show.

Pre Order your favorite Art House today!

The purchase of your favorite art house will hold your painting for you. 
 I will keep all 183 art house paintings until my project is complete. At the end of this project, I will have an art show with all of the paintings. The show will take place sometime in the winter of 2014. You are of course invited to attend the show and it would be so much fun if you could make it!
The location of the show will be announced at a later time.
Here are some details of the art you are purchasing:
Original paintings on canvas. Mixed media - including acrylic paint, paper, pastel, and other mediums.
Each painting will come ready to hang and enjoy!
Art houses measure 4 x 4 inches. All paintings are signed and dated. 
$40.00/ painting plus a small shipping fee.
You will receive your original art house painting once my art show is completed. This should be sometime in the winter of 2014.

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