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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Art Studio New Paintings Summer Flower Series

Summer Flower Series

What's in my studio today?

I started two summer flower series paintings.  This one is a commission, which will be going to a client in Dallas, Texas, when it is finished. It's exciting to create an original art work for someone to enjoy and to their specific design request. 
I create paintings from emotion, color, and feel instead of portraying a realistic image. I hope that when someone sees my work they will feel a connection and emotions to the colors and texture.


Work in Progress

(c) Christy Tremblay 2016

Email here for details on a commissioned painting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Flowers IV Daily Painting

Summer Flowers IV

My flower study for the summer. 
This original painting is acrylic on heavy duty water color paper.
I am loving the colors and texture!
I think I will have to paint this one on a large canvas...What do you think?

(C) Christy Tremblay 2016
Summer Flowers IV
9 x 12 inches
Water Color Paper
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Floral Abstract "RED FEBRUARY "

What's in my Studio Today?
Work in progress!

Mixed Media on Canvas
6x6 inch
(c) Christy Tremblay 2015 All Rights Reserved

This painting is the first in my (in progress) series of "floral abstracts."


"Red February" will be available for purchase early next week, and will be posted on my blog with details .
Email me with questions!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Christy Tremblay Art Reception

Today is the big day!

A Painted House A Day Art Reception

The sun is out in Central Texas! A great day for ART and WINE tasting!

Thank you to ALL who have supported me through out this project!  Thank you for those of you who have left comments on my blog and followed my art challenge.  It means A LOT to me!

183 painted 4" x 4" houses on canvas will be on display as well as six larger paintings with a house theme.
(c) Christy Tremblay 2015 All Rights Reserved

MIxed Media
12" x 36"

Mixed Media on Canvas

"Flying Home"
Mixed Media on Wood

"Dream Home"
Mixed Media on Wood

"Luguna Hills"
Mixed Media on Canvas
30" x 30"

A Painted House A Day Art Reception

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Design Competition in Minted

I just entered this fun little contest at Minted. If you like my design, please vote for me, by opening the link below. Thank you so much!
Vote for my
design on minted.
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vote for me!
Check out my competition in Christmas cards and wedding invitations at Minted.