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Monday, September 29, 2014

Original Paintings on Canvas - Framing Original Art

A Painted House A Day
Mixed Media Original Paintings on Canvas
Thanks for stopping by. I  reached my goal of completing all 183 houses!
I am on to the next phase of this project of preparing the paintings for the show in December.
What's new in my studio?
Time to Frame!
I am so excited to have begun the process of framing my original mixed media house paintings.  It has taken me a lot of thought and research of how I wanted to frame each canvas in a way that is appealing as well as time effective; as I do have 183 paintings!
First 31 Painted Houses
I have always liked the idea of using wood, as it goes well with the house theme and is a natural product. I am using 6 x 6 inch white wood squares as well as pine wood and some reclaimed barn wood; which is very rustic and perfect for some of the house paintings!
Today I begun by sanding the wood squares and applying a light stain. 
 I am so happy with how my first frame turned out!  This first one is House #155, Bird House 9 of the Bird Series.  Do you remember this one?  I love this little red bird!  I really like how it looks with the stained wood as a background.
House #155
Bird House 9
A sneak peak of how this painting looks displayed!
Do you like it?

 These original paintings can be displayed hanging on a wall as well as standing on a shelf.

 A great way to add color and interest to your home décor!
Where are you going to display your painted house?  I can't wait to see!
I will be busy making the frames for all the houses and will post them here on my blog.
Thank you so much for taking a look at my mixed media original paintings!  If you see something you like on my blog please leave me a comment.  If you are interested in purchasing a painted house or other art works you may email me with your interest.

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