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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stars in July and Turquoise Series from A Painted house A Day - Mixed Media Original Paintings on Wood

A Painted House A Day
House Series
"Stars in July"
Christy Tremblay Art

(c) Christy Tremblay 2014-2015

A Painted House A Day
House Series
Christy Tremblay Art

(c) Christy Tremblay 2014-2015


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

House #176 - Our House 3

A Painted House A Day
House #176
Our House 3
This is Our House 3
Location - Kirkland, WA
A Little yellow house with Maizie's mountain in the backyard. New born baby - sister, Ciena cuddled in white bunting.  Rain rain go way...makes everything so green.
Family up the road, Lake Washington so near, and I can run on hills - pushing stroller with two daughters.
A Painted House A Day
Our House 3
Christy Tremblay
Kirkland, WA is the city I grew up is where I call home.
Every new place we move for my husbands military work gets to be compared to Kirkland.  So far not one place can beat it!  Is this because of the beauty and wonderful place Kirkland is?  Or is this because this is were I grew up and it is home? 

You can still Pre -Order your favorite painted house.  please email me for details at -


I like to try and post the houses which are reserved.  The following are the painted houses that have been pre - ordered:

I may be missing some...but I do have them recorded and set aside.  So don't worry if you don't see your house here!

Do you see a painted house that you love...that would be a wonderful addition to your home décor or as a gift to someone special? 
Send me a message to reserve it. I will let you know if it is still available, some have found new homes. 

Each house is an original! 
You can pre order your house and I will mail it to you after my art show.

Pre Order your favorite Art House today!

The purchase of your favorite art house will hold your painting for you. 
 I will keep all 183 art house paintings until my project is complete. At the end of this project, I will have an art show with all of the paintings. The show will take place sometime in the winter of 2014. You are of course invited to attend the show and it would be so much fun if you could make it!
The location of the show will be announced at a later time.
Here are some details of the art you are purchasing:
Original paintings on canvas. Mixed media - including acrylic paint, paper, pastel, and other mediums.
Each painting will come ready to hang and enjoy!
Art houses measure 4 x 4 inches. All paintings are signed and dated. 
$40.00/ painting plus a small shipping fee.
You will receive your original art house painting once my art show is completed. This should be sometime in the winter of 2014.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

House #45 - Garden Cottage 9

A Painted House A Day
House #45
Garden Cottage 9 (Maizie)

May 7th, 2014

Today is my daughter,  Maizie's birthday.  She turns 11 years old.
This house is dedicated to Maizie.

"Where flowers bloom so does hope."
--Lady Bird Johnson