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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Art Show Press Release - A Painted House A Day - Original Mixed Media Paintings

Salado Wine Seller
December 3, 2014
June Ritterbusch
Lauren Weldon
(254) 947-8011

When:  Saturday, January 24th from 5 - 8pm

Where:  Salado Wine Seller, 841 N.
 Main St., Salado, TX 76571

Join us on Saturday, January 24th from 5-8 pm, when Christy Tremblay will be on hand to discuss her art show “A Painted House a Day“.  Ms. Tremblay, a mixed media artist,  was selected for the next exhibition at the winery due to her unique perspective on military life. 

Christy just completed an art challenge, A Painted House A Day. Her goal was to create with paint and mixed media one house image a day, for 183 days. She completed 183 Painted Houses from March 2014 to September 2014.
A Northwest native, Christy has taught in Korea and visited cities, rural areas and islands in Southeast Asia. She started using the imagery of houses in her art about four years ago when she and her family were living on Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. They had a historical Bungalow with a lot of charm.  She says, " Growing up I had two houses I called 'home.' As an adult and with a family of my own, I have had many houses to make a home. My husband is Active Duty Army and we move often.  Although a move comes with work and saying
goodbyes, we embrace each move and look forward to our new adventures, people to meet, and places to explore. Houses are houses. A home is for a family to create safety, love, and memories. As I make each move with my two daughters and husband, I find our locations and houses to change, but our home stays the same.”

The Salado Winery gallery will be filled with Ms. Tremblay's artwork, which will be available for sale throughout the spring.  Wines produced on the premise will be available for savoring as folks view and purchase these local art treasures.

You can read Christy's daily entries of A Painted House A Day...
A Painted House A Day


WHERE: Salado Wine Seller, 841 N.
Main Street, Salado, TX 76571


 (c) Christy Tremblay 2014-2015



Monday, November 24, 2014

New Mixed Media Painting- "Flying Home"

"Flying Home"
(c) Christy Tremblay 4014-2015
"Flying Home"
Mixed Media Painting on Wood Block
9"x 9.25"


 Close Ups of "Flying Home"

In process of creating

Final Painting   

This painting is available and will be ready to ship next week...after it fully dries!
Please contact me for purchase info.

Purchase Info


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's In My Studio Today? Mixed Media Original Collage on Wood - NEW!

What's In My Studio Today?
Mockingbird Song

I had fun creating this mixed media collage. It has a variety of materials - including; acrylic paint, handmade paper, maps, and oil bars.
My daughter is learning about the State of Texas and various facts; including the state bird - the Mockingbird.
She told me that the Mockingbird songs are over a dozen in variety. Come to find out, they actually have up to 200 songs!
 They are also very territorial of their space and especially their nest.  They will attempt to fly at anyone who threatens their space as well as make a very loud noise to let you know they are upset. We have Mockingbirds that nest around our yard and we can hear them singing as they protect their homes.
This collage painting is inspired by the Mockingbird and it's many songs.
Do you notice the little house?  If you have been following my know my love for using the house image in my work and my art challenge, A painted House A Day.
By the way...I am working hard to frame all of the house paintings.
The show is January 26th, 2015!
If you are new here, you will have to read back on my posts to see what I have been up to.
(C) Christy Tremblay 2014 
"Mockingbird Song"
Mixed Media Original Collage on Wood Block
5 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Christy Tremblay
This Original Art is available!

Mockingbird Song 

This art can be displayed hanging on the wall or standing on a shelf.

Very interesting...

Texas designated the mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) as official state bird in 1927. Northern Mockingbirds have extraordinary vocal abilities - they can sing up to 200 songs, including the songs of other birds, insect and amphibian sounds, even an occasional mechanical noise. The northern mockingbird is also the state bird of Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.
The Texas legislature noted that the mockingbird:
" found in all parts of the State, in winter and
in summer, in the city and in the country, on the prairie and in the woods and a singer of distinctive type, a fighter for the protection of his home, falling, if need be, in its defense, like any true Texan..."

Thank you for stopping by!
If you are interested in any of my work you see on my blog, you may contact me for further information.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

House #83 - Bird House (nest 1)

A Painted House A Day
House #83
Bird House (nest 1)

Created on 6/14/2014

Here is my next series of art houses...Bird House (nest.) 

The inspiration for the nest comes from my own backyard little bird that has built a nest in the corner of the backyard porch...near the roof. I have a perfect view from my kitchen window.  We are waiting and hoping for bird babies any day. The bird in this photo on the fence sits all day in the nest, only to fly away if we get to close, which I have instructed my daughters to keep their distance. I was lucky to look outside at the right time to see another small bird with a bright red throat feeding the bird in the nest. 

It is our little summer visitor and a gift to see the bird sitting in the nest each day.

"The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship." --William Blake 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

31 Art Houses!

I have completed 31 Art Houses!
152 days left to paint 152 Art Houses!

Here are all 31 houses in order. Do you have a favorite?  I would love to read your comments on what you think! Post comments here on my Blog.

Today I am working on the Southwest 3 series House #32.

Please check out my Kick Starter Project...
I think there are a couple weeks left to pledge this project.
Thank you for your support!