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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Daily Painting Challenge 30 Paintings in 30 Days Black and White Original Abstract Floral Painting

Day #2 of my Challenge
Theme today is Black and White

Black and White
10x10 inches
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Christy Tremblay (c) 2017

Purchase this original painting in my Shop

This one was really fun to paint.  I only used black and white, and I love the look of it. It has a lot of texture, that you can't see in this photo.
Tomorrow the theme is, "the woods"  Check in to see my interpretation!

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Original Floral Abstract Painting

I'm loving the color palette and the whimsy of this new painting!

12x12x1 inches on Canvas
Mixed Media

(C) Christy Tremblay 2016


Available through auction here

I am working on a new series called Making Marks...check back on my blog to see updates of new work.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Art Store...HEAVEN!


We have landed in our new home!  Getting settled after our move from Texas to Virginia and looking forward to finding and adding inspiration to my Blog.  I know it's been a while since I have posted!  No apologies to make though, we have had a busy summer and moving takes A LOT out of me.  I am also learning/trying to stop apologizing for so many things. Take one day at a time and do your best each day. And if you aren't your best, find inspiration, to use at a later time...

I have had time to reflect on my art creating and the past year of blogging.  Although I don't know what lies ahead this year, for me - art wise, I do know that I still need to create art. 

My studio is still in boxes...but I know soon I will be able to unpack and set up my new creative space...which this time around, is in an extra bedroom. Pictures to come soon!

Today I found an art supply store near our house. After two years of living without a good art supply store near by, I was in heaven! Sensory overload, to say the least.  If you are a creative person, I know you can relate to the feeling of seeing a row full of vivid, soft pastels waiting to be crushed on a canvas.

 Love these Japanese Papers!

Inspiration! I love adding paper to a mixed media painting. 

Wonderful mediums to use with mixed media art! 

Thank you for taking a peek into my day!  I look forward to sharing more art inspirations with you, from my new Virginia home.

Something Fun! 

While I haven't been able to make any new paintings...being busy with the move, I have had fun designing these Fun Drink Coasters!

 These artist printed coasters are from, "A Painted House A Day," Art Collection of my original mixed media paintings on canvas. Now available as stunning sets of drinks coasters!

Order your

Christy Tremblay Art Coasters 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Artist In Action

My next art event is coming up!
(And my last in Texas)
Artist in Action

Artist in Action at Salado Winery
Saturday, April 25th from 2 pm to 4 pm.

I will be an  Artist in Action,  painting a current work in progress.

If you are in the area, stop by, to see me, along with my newest paintings displayed in the Salado Gallery, available for purchase.

For more following link
Artist in Action

Please note...I am in the process of getting ready for a big move...with my family.  Heading to D.C for job relocation this summer.

This means that I will be extra busy and not painting much or posting on my Blog.

Be sure to check back, as I will eventually set up my new studio in D.C. and explore all new art opportunities.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's in My Studio Today? NEW ORIGINAL PAINTINGS!

NEW ORIGINAL mixed media paintings

(c) Christy Tremblay 2015 All Rights Reserved 
"Dream House"
Mixed Media on Wood
9" x 9 1/4"
Christy Tremblay
(c) Christy Tremblay 2015 All Rights Reserved
Mixed Media on Canvas
12" x 30"
Christy Tremblay
IN Process!
I started these mixed media paintings on 4" x 4" canvas.
Check back to see the finished paintings.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Does An Artist Know When a Painting is Done?

How do I know when a painting is done?  This is the most common question I am asked.  It is also very difficult to answer.  To answer this I also need to touch on how do I get started?
The most challenging thing for me as an artist is to describe my process of creating a painting, as it is such an internal and methodical act.

I most always know the color palate I will use, although I often add new colors as I see the painting evolve.

Painting for me is a process of many layers of paint and mixed media, which change as I add color and markings to the canvas. I sometimes have an idea of the final product, but this can change as I add new layers.  I like to cover up areas of already dried paint layers and also scrape away wet paint to reveal a previous layer.

I find a painting to be most interesting when it has many textures and layers.

At this stage, there are no mistakes.  I can always turn an unplanned drip of paint into an interesting part of the painting. I can cover it up or make it work within the layers.

As I get further along with the painting, I become more careful with my marks and where I add my medium.

Every mark I add at this point effects another area of the painting.
A major part of the overall aesthetic of the painting, for me, is balance. If I add a mark to one area when the painting is in it's last stage, I may need to add another mark somewhere else on the piece...and maybe another. 
At this stage I do a lot of standing back from the painting and observing it overall.

(c)Christy Tremblay 2014-2015

I know the painting is done, when I feel- that if I add one more mark it could change the whole look.  It is done when I feel there is nothing else to add.

Sometimes I have made the mistake of adding a new element to a painting I thought was finished. This turned into hours more of working on the painting to balance it and make these new marks work within the whole piece.

I love seeing the stages of a painting.
Here is a painting I recently created in different stages.

Adding base color.

Some mixed media application.

More paint, mixed media, and covering of layers.

(c)Christy Tremblay 2014-2015

Adding markings and more mixed media to the top dried layer. I look for balance of the painting and observe if it is has a feeling of wholeness.
I hope this helps to answer the question of - How does an artist know a painting is done?

Look in my studio and more art!
If you have any questions for me please feel free to leave a comment here on my blog.  Or send me an email to, my email
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