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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Abstract Painting

New work!
I am trying to get in my studio more often.  It's not always easy to make the time.  And even harder, is, trying to market my art and get it seen.  
Here is my most recent painting, which is available for purchase here

"In Between Summer"
Acrylic on Canvas
18x18 inches

(c) Christy Tremblay 2016

My work conveys texture, color, and emotions of the world as I see it. Rather than working to create an exact replication, I find more interest in the process of creating a feeling, mood, and movement.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Original Art Store



I'm adding new paintings to my art store!
Original abstract paintings, as well as paintings from - A Painted House A Day Collection of mixed media paintings...what I have available from the art show.
I'll be uploading more art, as I have time.
Please check often!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Artist in Action Art Demo Salado Art Experience

  My first time of painting in public - at the Artist in Action Immerse and Emerge this past weekend, was a blast!
I didn't take as many pics as I had wanted, but here is what I do have...

Painting away and making progress on this canvas!

I love this quote!  It is so true for me.
"I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious".
-Diego Rivera
Ciena with Winery Cat...that is really her name:)

Some of the materials I used...I also had a table set up for the public to experiment with painting techniques...Wish I would have taken a picture
What I learned from my Public Painting experience:
-Music is important
-Having the public art experimenting table was a hit
-Having my daughters with me was great (in this small setting) but maybe not so much if it were a larger crowd
-More than two hours would be fine (it actually went by fast)
-One glass of wine was perfect
-I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be
-I would like to do it again

Thanks everyone who stopped by to see me!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Will You Create? Create Art Share CONTEST!


I have the desire to go back through my blog and recapture/revitalize some of my earlier posts.  While looking at which one to start with, I can really see a difference from my earlier posts (first time at blogging) to current day (after  over a year of blogging) and learning much so much...still more to learn, always.
This is a post from March of 2014.
Create Art!
What will you create today?
I was so excited to receive my new art materials yesterday from Blick art,

 I started preparing the 4x4 inch canvases with black gesso for the foundation of my art houses. 
I can't wait to finish house #10 later today.
And here it is finished...
House #10
4" x 4"
Original Acrylic on Canvas
A Painted House A Day
Christy Tremblay
"Create what you seek but can not find." -unknown
Let's make it fun!
What Are You Creating Contest Giveaway.
I would love to see what you are creating!  Are you working on an art creation? Do you have a finished Project? I would love to share it on
my Blog!
Contest Details:
Please send a picture with a description, title, and your name. And any other info you would like to share.
All entries will be included in a drawing to win a signed 8" x 8" Art Print of my original painting, "Bird House."
Original Painting (SOLD)
4" x 4" on Canvas
(C) 2015 All Rights Reserved Christy Tremblay
Deadline for entering is April 6th, 2015
 I will share your creations on my Blog. Send your creations images, along with title of your work, your name, and any other info about your creation to, My Email.
The winner will be announced on April 7, 2015.
Here are my latest creations...



I can't wait to see what you are creating!
All Rights Reserved 2015 (C) Christy Tremblay
Please do not COPY any art images from this page or this Blog!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Art "Work" Day Hanging Paintings for Art Festival


Today was a "work day," which means that I didn't get to paint.  I went to the Salado Winery to hang more paintings for this weekends - Texas Wine and Art Rogue Festival.


I'm with my original painting,
"Winter Bloom."
36" x 36" Mixed media on Canvas
I love this painting!  It has many layers, which makes for wonderful texture and vibrant color.

I had to take an artist selfie...just for fun. It turned out pretty good...Sorry, I don't do the fish lips:)
As I waited for the winery owner to open the doors, I explored the outdoors around the winery.  It was a perfect 75 degree, sunny day in Salado, Texas.
Here is what I found...
A Taco Truck...just
Outside of the Salado Winery.
Enjoy wine tasting, original art, and tacos!
Of course I had to stop in, after hanging my paintings, for some chicken tacos.  So yummy!
And, they were only 2.00/taco!
If you get a chance to go...I recommend the brisket taco and of course with the green salsa.

 An Owl Carving...

This little guy was carved into this rock outside of the Salado Visitors Center.

 A wine bottle tree...

This art instillation is really cool and I love how the wine bottles pick up the sunlight, adding highlights to the bottles.

You can also check out the antique shop next door.

The Salado Winery  art gallery room is next to the wine tasting room.  Perfect for viewing original art and enjoying Texas wines.

My paintings will be on display at the winery and available for purchase through June 2015.

Poppy 1, Poppy 2, and Home Again are some of my
Original Paintings available for the art festival.

More of my paintings on display for the art festival.
I love this old section of fence, I found at an antique store.  A really fun way to display my smaller paintings.

This is my favorite display of my art ( at least right now).  I love the spring colors in these new paintings!
This is "Spring Flurry 1" and "Spring Flurry 2"
"Yellow" is the one in the middle...of course!


"Spring Flurry 4"

"Spring Flurry 1"


I LOVE the colors on this gallery wall!

If you are interested in any of the art work you see on my Blog, you may contact me by Email.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope to see you this Weekend.

All Rights reserved 2015 Christy Tremblay
 Please do not copy any of the art on this page or this blog.