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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Original Art Store



I'm adding new paintings to my art store!
Original abstract paintings, as well as paintings from - A Painted House A Day Collection of mixed media paintings...what I have available from the art show.
I'll be uploading more art, as I have time.
Please check often!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hanging Paintings for Show - A Painted House A Day

Today I hung my paintings, for...

I took all 183 little houses, painted on canvas, plus eight new larger house theme paintings and drove them to Salado Winery

It is a bittersweet feeling,
After almost one year of working on this art challenge/project it is coming to it's final stage. It also very rewarding to know that I completed my goal and I am excited to share them with my community.

Here is a sneak peek into my show!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Paintings ready for Art Show! Mixed Media Original Paintings of Houses

A Painted House A Day
183 Art Houses in 183 Days!
Artist Christy Tremblay
I am busy getting my house paintings ready for my show in January. Here are some completed series, ready to Hang. 

"Yellow House"

(c)Christy Michaels Tremblay 2104-2015

Rainbow House

(c)Christy Michaels Tremblay 2104-2015


(c)Christy Michaels Tremblay 2104-2015

Bird House
 (c)Christy Michaels Tremblay 2104-2015

South West

"Our House"

(c)Christy Michaels Tremblay 2104-2015

"Poppy Lane"
(c)Christy Michaels Tremblay 2104-2015


Monday, December 1, 2014

Art Show Promo Card - A Painted House A Day

(c)Christy Tremblay 2014-2015 

I am so excited to share my promo card for my art show with you!

I am in LOVE with it!
 It is so rewarding to see my art in print - and solidifies, that my show is going to happen.  After more than eight months of working on my Painted Houses,  I am in the home stretch!

 I however, can not take credit for the design of these beautiful cards!

I am lucky to know a wonderful artist -photographer named Jessica Flynn. See her work here on her website...  

 Jessica also happens to be a military spouse. These are the fortunate connections, we as military-(gypsy) families are blessed with; in meeting, on our many travels, so many new and wonderful people, whom we may not have the chance otherwise to get to know.
Jessica was able to take my initial ideas of how I envisioned my cards and turn them into something stunning.

Would you like a Post Card?
Send me a message to - My Email with your info to receive your-
A Painted House A Day Card! (Limited Quantity available)

Don't Forget!!!
Art Give Away is here until December 5, 2014.
Win this art print card simply by leaving a comment OR a question here on my blog or on my FB Art Page -

(c)Christy Tremblay 2014-2015

Thanks for stopping by!



Monday, November 24, 2014

New Mixed Media Painting- "Flying Home"

"Flying Home"
(c) Christy Tremblay 4014-2015
"Flying Home"
Mixed Media Painting on Wood Block
9"x 9.25"


 Close Ups of "Flying Home"

In process of creating

Final Painting   

This painting is available and will be ready to ship next week...after it fully dries!
Please contact me for purchase info.

Purchase Info


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's In my Studio Today? And ARt CONTEST GIVEAWAY!!!

(c) 2014 Christy Tremblay Art

Birds and houses on my mind!

More Bird Art
I am working on the above mixed media collage painting.  It has a variety of materials; including, acrylic paint, papers, and other mediums.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Please check back to see!


Also, very busy with staining the wood to be used for frames of my 183 painted houses.
This is the "work" part of preparing for an art show!  But, very rewarding to see the final results.
A Painted House A Day

(c) Christy Tremblay 2014
Rain Series
A painted House A Day
Christy Tremblay

A Painted House A Day
Artist Reception January 24th, 2015
Salado Winery - Salado, Texas
5pm to 8pm

183 Original Painted Houses will be on show and for purchase!

I thought I add this fun little game...


Please leave a comment to be entered in my art contest.  To be entered, you must comment on any artworks on my may ask a question.  You will be entered to win the following ART CARD PRINT...
Contest will end on December 3rd, 2014.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's In My Studio Today? Mixed Media Original Collage on Wood - NEW!

What's In My Studio Today?
Mockingbird Song

I had fun creating this mixed media collage. It has a variety of materials - including; acrylic paint, handmade paper, maps, and oil bars.
My daughter is learning about the State of Texas and various facts; including the state bird - the Mockingbird.
She told me that the Mockingbird songs are over a dozen in variety. Come to find out, they actually have up to 200 songs!
 They are also very territorial of their space and especially their nest.  They will attempt to fly at anyone who threatens their space as well as make a very loud noise to let you know they are upset. We have Mockingbirds that nest around our yard and we can hear them singing as they protect their homes.
This collage painting is inspired by the Mockingbird and it's many songs.
Do you notice the little house?  If you have been following my know my love for using the house image in my work and my art challenge, A painted House A Day.
By the way...I am working hard to frame all of the house paintings.
The show is January 26th, 2015!
If you are new here, you will have to read back on my posts to see what I have been up to.
(C) Christy Tremblay 2014 
"Mockingbird Song"
Mixed Media Original Collage on Wood Block
5 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Christy Tremblay
This Original Art is available!

Mockingbird Song 

This art can be displayed hanging on the wall or standing on a shelf.

Very interesting...

Texas designated the mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) as official state bird in 1927. Northern Mockingbirds have extraordinary vocal abilities - they can sing up to 200 songs, including the songs of other birds, insect and amphibian sounds, even an occasional mechanical noise. The northern mockingbird is also the state bird of Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.
The Texas legislature noted that the mockingbird:
" found in all parts of the State, in winter and
in summer, in the city and in the country, on the prairie and in the woods and a singer of distinctive type, a fighter for the protection of his home, falling, if need be, in its defense, like any true Texan..."

Thank you for stopping by!
If you are interested in any of my work you see on my blog, you may contact me for further information.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

House #86 - Bird House (nest 4)

A Painted House A Day
House #86
Bird House (nest 4)

"Paint the flying spirit of the bird rather than it's feathers. " --Robert Henri